Eben Ostergaard

From the business side of the planet:

I am an experienced business leader, manager, coach, facilitator, consultant, and personal guide with more than 25 years of experience. My business world history has included management consulting, Fortune 100 companies, startups, small/medium sized businesses and running my own business. I am also the former Director of Coaching, VP of Finance and Operations, and COO of the business coaching company EMyth.

From the personal side of the planet:

I love working with people and am a perpetual student of the human condition. Over time, I have developed the smile lines and scars from experiencing what works and what doesn’t. This has allowed me to journey deeper into an openness to what I don’t know. It’s that openness that I try to nurture in my approach, and that means starting with the humility that neither I, nor anyone, have a lock on truth.  Humility creates the space for something as yet unseen or undiscovered to emerge, and it’s an ongoing process. That emergence is sourced from presence, heart, passion, hard work, and a loving relationship with self. 

My time as an outdoor educator, an emotional growth facilitator, a yoga instructor, a group facilitator, and a hospice volunteer, have all helped increase my experience of life’s interconnectedness and the beauty and opportunity therein. I love helping others create magic -- creating a whole much larger than the sum of its parts.

I have lived in 12 different cities in the US and Europe over the last 25 years, and now call Ashland, Oregon my home. I live here with my wife, daughter, our dog Luna, and a bunch of chewed up furniture.

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