Whatever the task, goal or focus, we can never see things as they truly are. We only know our interpretation how things are. All of our natural dispositions, conditioning, and experiences create a lens through which we see the world. Much of the work is to just bring more and more awareness to how that lens is refracting our view of how things actually are.

Everything you do is a reflection of you. 

Your business is a reflection of you. Your relationships are reflections of you. Your career and inhabitation of it (or not) are reflections of you.  Our inner critic takes this truth as a means of beating us up. Our inner promoter takes this truth as a means of pumping us up.  And from the place that witnesses these two aspects within ourselves, there is a capacity to take life’s everyday experiences as doors to open and learn about ourselves. From there small changes create a huge impact.

Owning a business, leading a team, and achieving your goals are much more than having the knowledge and tools. It’s about having the awareness to know what you know and the wisdom to know what you don’t.  To ask for help is one of the most vulnerable things we can do.  And real strength comes from opening to that vulnerability.

My coaching has the goal of embracing who, how and what we are.

In so doing, there is realness and vulnerability. When we are real we aren’t pretending.  When we are vulnerable we aren’t protecting.  Without pretending and without protecting, we are more in line with reality and able to bring more of ourselves into the world. When that happens, the path forward inevitably unfolds in ways that were previously invisible.


It is hard work.  

Working on your business and yourself while also managing cash flow, developing strategic plans, hiring, managing and yes, sometimes firing, employees, is a tremendous task.  But that task is made easier through knowing what needs to be done now, and what needs to be done tomorrow.  Time is the greatest resource that you have. And transformation takes time. Honoring the time it takes while also focusing on the right things allows a way of being with yourself and your company/role where incredible growth happens.  Alignment of yourself and your company with reality takes nurturing and cultivation, supporting dogged resilience and hard work.  

The results are both extraordinary and a perfectly natural outcropping of self-reflective business decisions.