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Business Coaching

My business coaching is designed for frustrated business owners that realize they can’t continue to do the same thing and expect different results, and that realize they need help to change. They realize that the only way to change their business is to change how they relate to their business — and that means asking the right questions.

I do my business coaching through EMyth (which is short for the “Entrepreneurial Myth”). I believe that EMyth provides the best program for business owners that are trying to create more time and space for themselves, create a solid foundation for the business from which to grow, or are looking to take their business from good to exceptional (or a combination of all three). More about EMyth can be found here.

As a EMyth Certified Business Coach, I utilize many of the tools and processes that EMyth has developed.  I have seen the tremendous impact the EMyth Program has had on numerous small to medium-sized businesses (and their owners) and believe that EMyth has the best business coaching program in the market.

And, as with any business coaching, the quality of the experience has much to do with who your coach is. For more about my approach click here.